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Small Business Tax Deductions  Lower Your Taxes - Big Time!: Wealth-Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider
by Sandy Botkin
Comprehensive primer on federal tax deductions: what, when, why & how in detail.

Paperback   Publisher McGraw-Hill   ISBN 007140807  (December 18, 2002)

Real Estate  Real Estate Loopholes: Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing
by Diane Kennedy, CPA (Kiyosaki advisor)
Terrific book! Great primer for any real estate investor who wants to understand the business, tax impact and liability protection.
Paperback    Publisher Warner Books    ISBN: 0446691356   (April 1,  2003)

Investing in Real Estate (Fourth Edition)
by Andrew McLean & Gary W. Eldred, PhD
Good overview. Learn the terminology, concepts and insider tips.
Paperback   Publisher: John Wiley & Sons  ISBN 047132339X   (March 21, 2003)

Land Trusts in Florida (Legal Survival Guides)
By Mark Warda
Exactly how to setup a land trust. Why, why not, what it is. Even the forms are included.
Paperback   Publisher: Sphinx Publishing Inc.  ISBN 1572482028   (May 1, 2002)

Wealth Building Principles  Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
By Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter
Absolutely recommended to all who have any aspirations of financial security or true wealth. Easily readable. There are many financial books but few that have engaged my mind and beliefs as this one has. Read it. Then read his subsequent books that build on this one, Cashflow Quadrant and Guide to Investing, etc.
Paperback   Publisher: Warner Business Books   ISBN0446677450  (April 1, 2001)

The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth
by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen
Intriguing format. An enlightening combination of fiction and non-fiction. This book puts more of the “How To” into wealth building.
Hard cover    Publisher: Harmony   ISBN0609609491   (October 22, 2002)